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Easiest to use, no-frills yet extremely powerful, Video Magnifier, Video Recorder and Image Capture Software
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5 February 2014

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Screen capture tools and video recorders have evolved over the years and today you can easily come across several potent tools that come loaded with host of functions. However most of such tools need you to deal with complicated options and have a long learning curve. Now if you are looking for an easy to use and yet powerful video screen recording tool, then you need to get hold of AW Evidence 1.0 application. Boasting of a bunch of sophisticated features, this effectual software can capture and magnify online broadcasts, movies and nearly everything that goes on your screen to the last detail.

The AW Evidence 1.0 on launch displays a blue colored minimalistic interface that is quite intuitive. To stat using the tool, you just need to select the desired part of screen and click on the record option and the application will do the rest. The options are very basic and you can pause or stop the recording at any point. It also gives you the option to capture still image grabs of your screen. One of its most remarkable features is its capacity to magnify the captured area. Further it can also capture images from a multi monitor system and besides snapping up video grabs from overlapped or hidden frames. Incidentally its capacity to capture frames even when they are hidden is quite unique to this application. You can save screenshots of you screen multiple image formats and also record video grabs without mouse cursors. As per your need you can choose to include sound or ignore it completely.

While using the AW Evidence 1.0 application, we were suitably impressed by its performance and mark it with a score of 3 rating stars for its capacity to capture overlapped frames. So if you wish to record your favorite videos from YouTube, this application does deserve a look.

Publisher's description

AW Evidence is the easiest to use, no-frills yet extremely powerful, Video Magnifier, Video Recorder and Image Capture Software.
With just one mouse click you get it going: Mark the capture area and start Viewing, Recording or Capturing Images.
Unlike almost every other software in this category, AW Evidence allows you to optionally work in Advanced Screen Capture Mode, i.e., capture from areas that become overlapped or hidden by other windows and from areas that move in the screen.
You don't need anything else to start recording exceptional quality movies, with or without audio, in the easiest possible way.
Significant features:
1) Magnify everything in real time, movies, images, text or anything else, up to full screen.
2) Record movies, images, text or anything else in its original size, with or without mouse cursor and sound.
3) Capture images from anything on the screen in its original size, saving as JPG, BMP or PNG.
4) Capture in real time behind overlapped, hidden or windows that change place.
5) Capture directly from multiple monitors.
6) Can Pause and Resume View and Recording.
AW Evidence
AW Evidence
Version 1.1
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